The Shingo Excellence Model creates a sustainable path towards operational excellence based on principles that are planted in each company to lead it to obtain better results.

Instead of testing techniques, methodologies, and tools in isolation, the model first creates the foundation for sustainability of excellence.

The Shingo model is born from the need to express in a visual image the principles and vital elements to develop operational excellence in an organization.

It is a predictive model that guides companies and people on their path to excellence, it was built by the Shingo Institute with the teachings of Doctor Shigeo Shingo and the experience of hundreds of companies with world-class operational excellence models.

The model is based on three revelations which have been implemented through years and years of practice of the best companies in the world.

These three revelations are:

  • Ideal results require ideal behaviors.


  • Beliefs and systems drive behavior.


  • Principles lead us to ideal behavior.



 Figure 1: Shingo´s Model of Excelence.

To understand these revelations, it is necessary to describe them as a sequence that builds an ideal: The ideal results, that is, those that are aligned, are excellent and lasting over time; They require ideal behaviors.

A company or person will develop ideal behaviors to the extent that it has a defined objective and systems to work consistently towards the objective.

Finally, the orientation and the fuel to act consistently with ideal behaviors are found in the internal principles or values.

The are more powerful than the rules within the organization.

The 10 principles of Shingo are:

  1. Respect for each individual.
  2. Lead with humility.
  3. Seek perfection.
  4. Ensure quality at the source.
  5. Improve flow and system.
  6. Embrace scientific thinking.
  7. Focus on the process.
  8. Think systematically.
  9. Create constancy of purpose.
  10. Create value for the customer.

The Shingo model is an exciting path in the development of excellence as a virtue, to follow it, at LeanInn we have mentorships, tools and courses that step by step will reveal and strengthen all the good practices of the company and the people who integrate it.

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